Yoga with Rebecca


Yoga with Rebecca is a practice and community that uses asana (posture) and pranayama (breathing practices) to explore the ways in which we inhabit our bodies and our minds. It is built on the simple premise that when we bring awareness to our unconscious habits, we give ourselves more choice about how we live and move.

Rebecca teaches gentle but deep Yoga, where every student works within their own capacity and at their own pace, helped with individual attention. Her teaching is inspired by that of the late Vanda Scaravelli and of TVK Desikachar, and developed through years of encountering both rewards and challenges in teaching yoga and working on her personal practice, always with the guidance of her principal teacher Catherine James. The emphasis in this approach to Yoga is on an awareness of breath, gravity and movement, and how they allow the body to move from the spine with a revitalised sense of the self. It is also an approach that encourages students to listen to and trust what their bodies have to tell them; to work with what they find, rather than passively to take on teachings wholesale from the teacher.

No previous experience of yoga is necessary, and no age or level of stiffness is an obstacle to starting. Students are encouraged to come to regular classes to acquire the tools they need for developing their own practice and a deepening body awareness. The asanas, or poses, are a means to this end, rather than the end in themselves. Rebecca’s classes are open to men and women of all ages.



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