The following weekly classes are open to people of all ages and abilities:

Sundays 5.15-6.45pm

Dawar for Arts and Development
16 Adly Street, 3rd Floor, Downtown, Cairo
Phone 0102 5302000 or 0100 490 1749

Tuesdays 6.15 – 8.15pm
Ki Studio
17 Fawakih Street, first floor, Mohandisseen, Giza
Phone: 023363930 and 0233372915

Please call and check the schedule before your first visit.

Women’s-only Trauma Sensitive Classes:

Dawar for Arts and Development (please contact me by email for more information)

2 Responses to Classes

  1. Dancing With Life says:

    Hi Rebecca, I have found your blogs very interesting, thank you for those. Thought you might like to know about my Yoga Studio in South Sinai. I moved here 3 years ago. Perhaps you would like to visit sometime or bring a yoga group.


    • Hi Susan, Thank you for your interest and for the link to your website. I will certainly bear that in mind when planning yoga retreats for my students. I used to come to Nuweiba a lot but haven’t been since the uprising.
      All the best


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